The Good Start- Winning The Bid For The Visualization Project



Congratulations to the subsidiary of Oneforce Holdings - Beijing Along Grid Technology Co., Ltd. for winning the bid for the visualization project of NARI Group.



With the era change of big data development, the high-end professional big data service platform provides new development opportunities for the visualization market. Along Grid has been deeply involved in the field of data visualization. The system platform has been deeply combined with industry needs to form a series of industry visualization products, which have been successfully applied to smart cities, communities, parks, power, energy, emergency management and other fields. This project will support customers to complete the construction of a large number of major information systems, help users control data, highlight value, establish a good reputation and establish a brand image.



Oneforce Holdings will work hard and persistently actively implement project planning, work hard with "high standards and strict requirements", actively promote project progress, drive high-quality development with innovation, and create high-quality projects with ingenuity. Hand in a perfect answer sheet for customers and help the digital transformation and upgrading of the energy industry.


17 March 2022